Selected Publications

A lateral signalling pathway coordinates shape volatility during cell migration

Zhang, L., Luga, V., Armitage, S.K., Musiol, M., Won, A., Yip, C.M., Plotnikov, S.V., Wrana, J.L. (2016).  Nat Commun. 7, 11714. PMID: 27226243


YAP-dependent reprogramming of Lgr5(+) stem cells drives intestinal regeneration and cancer

Gregorieff, A., Liu, Y., Inanalou, M.R., Khomchuk, Y. and Wrana, J.L. (2015).  Nature 526, 715-8. PMID: 26503053

PTEN regulates cilia through Dishevelled

Shnitsar, I., Bashkurov, M., Masson, G.R., Ogunjimi, A.A., Mosessian, S., Cabeza, E.A., Hirsch, C.L., Trcka, D., Gish, G., Jiao, J., Wu, H., Winklbauer, R., Williams, R., Pelletier, L., Wrana, J.L.#, Barrios-Rodiles, M.# (2015). Nat. Commun. 6, 8388. (#co-corresponding)  PMID: 26399523


Myc and SAGA Rewire an Alternative Splicing Network During Early Somatic Cell Reprogramming

Hirsch, C.L.*, Coban Akdemir, Z.*, Wang, L., Jayakumaran, G., Trcka, D., Weiss, A., Hernandez, J.J., Pan, Q., Han, H., Xu, X., Xia, Z., Salinger, A.P., Wilson, M., Vizeacoumar, F., Datti, A., Li, W., Cooney, A.J., Barton, M.C., Blencowe, B.J., Wrana, J.L.#, Dent, S.Y. # (2015). Gen. Dev., 29, 803-816. (*co-first, #co-corresponding) PMID: 25877919


Switch Enhancers Interpret TGF-β and Hippo Signaling to Control Cell Fate in Human Embryonic Stem Cells

Beyer, T.A., Weiss, A., Khomchuk, Y., Huang, K., Ogunjimi, A.A., Varelas, X., Wrana, J.L. (2013).Beyer, T.A., Weiss, A., Khomchuk, Y., Huang, K., Ogunjimi, A.A., Varelas, X., Wrana, J.L. (2013). Cell Reports, 26, 1611-1624.


Exosomes mediate stromal mobilization of autocrine Wnt-PCP signaling in breast cancer cell motility

Luga, V. *, Zhang, L.*, Viloria-Petit, A., Ogunjimi, A., Inanlou, M., Chiu, E., Nasser Hosein, A., Buchanan, M., Basik, M. and Wrana, J.L. (2012). Cell, 151, 1542-1556.


A late transition in somatic cell reprogramming requires regulators distinct from the pluripotency network

Golipour, A. *, David, L. *, Liu, Y., Jayakumaran, G., Hirsch, C., Trcka, D., and Wrana, J.L. (2012).  Cell Stem Cell, 11, 769-782. *co-first. PMID: 23217423


Tissue specific alternative splicing remodels protein-protein interaction networks

Ellis, J.D.*, Barrios-Rodiles, M.*, Colak, R., Irimia, M., Kim, T., Calarco, J.A., Wang, X., Pan, Q., O'Hanlon, D., Kim, P.M., Wrana, J.L.# and Blencowe, B.# (2012).  Mol Cell, 46, 884-892.